Only a few years ago there was a pretty simple division. Creative teams used Macs. Developers used PCs. It was largely driven by availability of software. Leading graphical design tools were running on a Mac. Software development tools were primarily available on a PC. This has changed and nowadays more and more developers are using Macs. Some of the reasons are consistent with what in general is driving Mac’s growth in the market share. Usability is a big factor. So is a level of religious fervor associated with anything Apple does. For developers specifically, another big reason is having immediate access to a Unix prompt on a Mac. For anybody deploying software on Unix/Linux, ability to develop under a flavor of Unix is good news. Developers using PCs and deploying under Unix would typically have development environment consisting of two computers – one running Windows and one running Linux. Two computers instead of one makes it more cumbersome and more expensive. For anybody deploying software under Windows, for example .NET developers, Windows based environment of course is the way to go.