ProgrammableWeb featured Book-Current as the Mashup of the Day today.

Reading IT books helps in keeping technical skills current. They are especially helpful when mastering a new topic, refreshing or broadening skills.

You can of course find books on Amazon or in other stores. One problem with books in IT domain though is that they become obsolete very quickly. If you get a book published even 12 months ago, you may find that the screen shots look differently from what you see on your computer and examples no longer work.

I created to provide an easy access to the very recently published and upcoming books. You can find books on this site. You can also sign up for a monthly email update to alert you to new books you may find interesting and helpful.

I believe that getting into a habit of reading one book a month will help you to keep your skills fresh, your career on track, not to mention intellectual stimulation and enjoyment of increasing your knowledge.