An overview of a fast-pace product development process.

1. Product requests and ideas are collected using a variety of sources and techniques. They come from customers and internal stakeholders, and are gathered using brainstorming sessions, interviews, online feedback capture, focus groups, analysis of sales win/loss reports and support cases, competitive analysis etc.

ProductManagementProcessProduct requests and ideas are captured as Wishlist items.

Note: there is a separate escalation process to handle requests of urgent nature, e.g. issues impacting customers.

2. Wishlist is prioritized every six to seven weeks (twice a quarter). For an overview of the prioritization process please see  The Art and Science of Product Prioritization.

3. Items selected during a prioritization session are moved to the Design Queue for analysis, requirements definition and design. Output of the design process consists of lightweight documentation, wireframes and visual comps (where needed).

4. Once an item design is done, it is moved to the Product Backlog.

5. Every two weeks, Engineering Team selects items from the Product Backlog for implementation in a bi-weekly sprint. Our Development Process post provides more details.

6. Product enhancement and fixes are deployed to production every 2nd Wednesday. Release notes and updated documentation are published on the Help Center shortly after a release.